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Delivery of weight moss and finished panels to anywhere in the world

The advantages of walls and compositions of
stabilized moss

  • вечные растения
    Creating and installing a stabilized moss composition is much easier and cheaper than making a phyto wall with living plants and irrigation systems. And the visual effect is the same.
  • картины из мха
    From stabilized moss, you can create various complex compositions and objects that will decorate and breathe the natural atmosphere into any interior.
  • мох для детей
    Stabilized moss is completely safe for children and animals, does not contain harmful impregnations, and also it is not static and does not collect dust!
  • стабилизированные цветы
    Stabilized moss does not require any maintenance, and also has a soundproofing property. Set - forgot. Shelf life 7-10 years.
  • стабилизированные растения для дома
    Moss compositions can be used in any room, including the bathroom and the kitchen. They do not have a smell, do not require watering and are absolutely fireproof.
  • безопасность мха для животных
    The stabilized moss is soft and "alive" to the touch, all liquids in it are replaced with a stabilizing solution.

Why choose us for work?

No trash
Do not pay for forest litter. Our moss is maximally cleaned, you just need to glue it, without wasting time on cleaning.
Low prices
We have one of the lowest prices for stabilized moss and finished products from it.
Worldwide Shipping
We will send your parcel to any city, wherever you are and it will arrive quickly and in the best possible way.
Product quality
Our moss has passed the quality control and has all the necessary certificates and licenses.

Hot sale - reindeer moss

Reindeer moss was loved by our customers due to its unique qualities, as well as at an affordable and pleasant price.
стабилизированный ягель яблоко
• Completely fireproof

• Resistant to dust

• Does not cause allergies

• Removes unpleasant odors

• Absorbs excess moisture

• Performs soundproofing function

• Does not need leaving
производство и продажа стабилизированного мха ягель кочки пласты
Стабилизированный мох ягель. Доступен в 16 цветах на выбор под заказ.

Options for using stabilized moss

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Moss prices for 1kg

Raindeer moss for $ 17 / kg
Categories "B".

Not cleared of forest debris (roots, needles, leaves, etc.).
The moss is not sorted out - contains roots, broken parts of the moss after stabilization, needles, leaves, twigs, cones, etc.

May have a heterogeneous color.

Can be of any color.
Delivered as a shaft in cardboard boxes.

Color from the palette of your choice - 3kg.
Available color - 1kg.

The gallery contains examples of cleaned and uncleaned moss. By the way, peeled moss (at least in our country) does not mean that there will be 100% absence of forest debris, it is also there, just in much smaller quantities.


Unpeeled raindeer moss
Shipping and payment
Where and how to pay for the order?
We work with clients exclusively under the Delivery Contract and with payment to the settlement account of our organization.

When buying a small batch (up to 20 kg), payment can be made to PayPal.

For commercial deliveries, you will need standard documents such as:
1. Documents for registration of a legal entity with the customs authorities
2. Commercial invoice.
3. Information letter (technical description of the cargo).
4. Letter of guarantee.
What are the shipping methods?
We ship cargo by the following transport companies:
CDEK, DHL, Pony Express, Russian Post

You can calculate the cost of shipping to your country yourself on the websites of these companies.

The cheapest way is to send it by Russian post!

Please note that if you order more than 200 euros and the weight is more than 20kg, you will need to pay customs duty

Read more about the customs duty here.

доставка цветов из мыла
Do not want to make panels yourself?
The Moss Village workshop will do turnkey work from any kind of moss.
We will create, carefully pack and ship the panels to your city, you just have to install them!
How to calculate customs duty
From January 1, 2020, the duty-free limit for the price will be 200 euros, and for the weight-31 kg per 1 parcel. If you reach this limit in value or weight, you will have to pay a fee of 15% of the excess value of the goods, but not less than 2 euros per 1 kg of weight in excess of the value or weight norm.
At the same time, if in 2019 the limit of 500 euros was applied to all parcels within a month, then in 2020 the limit applies to 1 parcel. Thus, you can order 10 packages for 200 euros without duty.

There is also a weight limit of 1 item — an undivided item of more than 31 kg is not allowed to be processed, and it will not be sent from our warehouse. You can send 2 items of 30 kg, but you can't send 1 item weighing 60 kg. There are no restrictions on the cost of the product. Source:
Consider the cases when the fee will be charged.

1. If the cost and weight of your one order is 600 euros and 2 kg, the customs will charge the duty according to the following formula:
600 euros - 200 euros = 400 euros * 15 % = 60 euros

2. If the weight of all your orders for the month is 34 kg, the customs will charge the duty according to the following formula:
34 kg - 31 kg = 3 kg * 2 euro\kg = 6 euro
In this case, there was an excess in the duty-free weight, but there was no excess in the value of the goods.

3. If the cost and weight of your order is 1200 euros and 34 kg, the customs will charge the duty according to the following formula:
1200 euro - 200 euro = 1000 euro * 15 % = 150 euro
34 kg - 31 kg = 3 kg * 2 euro\kg = 6 euro.

Since in this case both the duty-free cost and the weight are exceeded, the customs will issue an invoice for the highest indicator, i.e. for 150 euros.
We remind you that from August 1, 2020. the rate of the fee for performing customs operations in respect of goods for personal use imported with the payment of customs duty is 500 rubles.

Also, when delivering parcels not from the euro zone, we advise you not to collect consolidation parcels close to the limit of 200 euros, since with a sharp fluctuation in the cross-rate of the dollar \ zloty\dirhams\baht\euros and so on, at the time of arrival of the cargo from the United States or any other non-European country at the customs office in Moscow, your parcel may cost 201 euros or 203 euros and then you will be charged a small fee + a fee of 500 rubles for processing such a parcel. It is best to have 10-20 euros in stock for such a case and collect parcels up to 180-190 euros.
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